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Thank you for your trust on Meat Guru (Pvt.) Ltd. Please fill up this simple form to guide us about your wish and requirement for this Eid.

Enjoy ” Customized booking as per your Wish, Meat packed in Thermocol/Ice box and Free Home Delivery” ***

Terms & Conditions (Please read very carefully):

  1. Please deposit 100% payment in advance (Cash or online) and get Receipt.
  2. Animals for Eid will be selected as per Rules & Instructions set in Sharia for “Qurbani”.
  3. Meat will be packed in Thermocol Boxes filled with Dry Ice.
  4. Force Majeure rules apply, in case Qurbani does not take place as planned. Moreover, Rs. 1000 per Goat/Sheep or Share & Rs. 5000 for Full Bull will be deducted as "Administrative / Handling Costs", if refund is justified. However, NO claim will be materialized for refund after purchasing of animals or before 05 days of Eid in all cases.
  5. Alive animals can be delivered at home, however, packed Meat boxes are to be self-collected on Eid.
  6. Delivery/collection of Alive animals and Meat will only be made upon presenting the original receipt or proof of purchase.
  7. Alive animals will be delivered 2 or 3 days before Eid.
  8. Meat boxes will be received from the outlet on the first day of Eid.
  9. Slaughtering will be carried out at our premises/slaughterhouses where the general public will not be allowed in the benefit of ensuring quality and hygiene of meat preparation.
  10. Other than “Signature Offers & Shares”, slaughtering charges will be Rs. 3000 per Goat and Rs. 70 per kg for Bull / Cow / Buffalo.
  11. Additional delivery charges may apply for far locations.
  12. Additional charges may apply for demand of “Special category / Breed” animals.
  13. Trotters / Liver may be prepared already, however, these may not be of your animal due to bulk preparations and will be included in total weight.
  14. In case of less than required (07) shares accumulated in “Buffalo or Bull/Cow” just before 5 days of Eid, your name may be included in Bull/Cow shares or a Goat may be booked respectively or payment can be refunded..
  15. Happy Eid Mubarik & continue visiting us after Eid for Quality Meat products.

For (Full Goat & Bull/Cow/Buffalo's Share Price)

CategoryPer Box / Share Price**
Sheep/GoatSignature Offer:- 12-14 kg (Goat Meat) (Animal plus Slaughtering plus Packing) @ Rs. 32,900 (30-35 kg Alive)
16-18 kg (Goat Meat) (Animal plus Slaughtering plus Packing) @ Rs. 39,900 (40-45 kg Alive)

Rs. 16,500/-

(Avg 12 – 14 kg Meat) when packed




Rates of Animals

S. No






1. 30-35 kg @ Rs. 35,500 
2 2. 36-40 kg @ Rs. 42,500 
  3. 41-45 kg @ Rs. 48,500 



 1. 200-220 kg @ Rs. 99,000 
4 2. 220-250 kg @ Rs. 112,500 
  3. 250-300 kg @ Rs. 135,000 
  4. 300-400 kg @ Rs. 165,000 
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