Most frequent questions and answers

We have a designated team to ensure that Islamic slaughtering principles are adhered to, while processing meat in a Dirt and Germ-free environment. Moreover, all animals are checked by a Veterinary Doctor before acceptance.

If for any reason, you find our meat of non-standard or of inferior packaging, just return it in the condition you bought it (Raw & Packed) and get refunded or buy another product. Your satisfaction is our goal. (Within maximum 24 hours, due to Perishable nature of item, which depends on Storage conditions and Handling at Customer’s level too)

03 Reasons which are acceptable for return, if you feel it is:-

(1) Rotten, Smelly, or Old Meat

(2) Inferior packaging

(3) Non-standard cutting of meat

 Please Note that “Change of Mind or Mood” is NOT a valid reason for return of meat. Thanks.

Our meat reaches our outlet within 03 hours of slaughtering and is kept in a temperature-controlled environment, so you get the best quality, fresh and healthy meat with its original great taste.

We prefer to serve you in the best possible way. Your experience is the most valuable proof of our commitment to quality. We use best method to wrap your meat plate in a sheet to preserve quality and protect from external contaminants.

Order on Website (www.meatguru.com.pk) and Android Application (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.meatguru.android.app) or order on Phone 03075393860, 03185046633 or 051-2711260 to get your meat delivered at your doorstep. (See link “https://meatguru.com.pk/delivery-terms/”)

We are open 7-Days a week from 09 am to 08 pm.

(Due to Covid-19, Timings may differ temporarily as per local Government’s instructions)

Under single roof, our customers are now able to enjoy Export Quality Meat of a vast range of products. Processed in hygienic environment and according to tenets of Islamic principles, we are offering a wide array of products to choose from which includes Ostrich, Quail, Mutton, Veal/Beef, Chicken, Sea Food, Prawns, Camel Meat, Duck, Rabbit, Partridge, and more.

We are located at “Meat guru, Civic Center, Phase 4, Bahria Town, (near Rasheed Sweets), Islamabad, Pakistan.

(Soon new outlets will be started)

  1. All types of meat are NOT the same. The net price of Meat (Mutton or Beef/Veal, etc.) varies due to multiple factors, for example, (Note: Quality of Meat and Cost is higher in first option in all categories below),
    • Breed difference (like in Goat : Desi vs Swati vs Pahari vs Rajanpuri, etc.) (Cow vs Buffalo)
    • Age/Health difference (Young vs old) and (Healthy vs Sick)
    • Gender difference (Male goat vs Female vs Lactating)
    • Storage at Shop (Chillers vs Closed-Door Non-Chilled vs Open local Shop)
    • General Hygiene (Insect/Fly Free vs Untidy/Smelly)
    • Health of Butchers (Medically tested vs Non-tested/vaccinated)
    • Meat packaging (Sealed tray vs Open polythene shoppers)
    • Work ethics difference (Use of Gloves, Caps, Aprons, and Face Masks vs Nothing)

In addition to all of these, Expertise of Butchers is a key difference, where he is able to provide you Clean Cuts of Meat. So, there are always a variety of Quality of Meat available in the market like any other product, e.g., Clothing, Shoes, Electronics, etc. Always choose the BEST for you and your beloved Family.

Yes, certainly,

  • Benefits
  1. Get 6% Discount on every purchase ***(T&C)
  2. Preference in Orders preparation , means less waiting time
  3. Priority Home Delivery
  4. Get special promotion offers
  • Terms and Conditions
  1. Get your Privilege card (with a unique Serial number) at shopping of Rs. 5000 or more or you may just buy card at Rs. 500
  2. *** Discount percentage is applicable on order’s amount/value “only above Rs. 5000”
  3. Max Discount is Rs. 300
  4. Card can be used on next purchase after receiving it
  5. Within 45 days, maintain purchase of minimum Rs. 5000 to keep card activated
  6. This discount does not apply to “Items on Sale” or in conjunction with other on-going promotions
  • Please present the card to the cashier at our outlet or mention your card’s serial number in “Additional Information” while ordering from Website and Mobile Application. Regards.
  • Happy Privileged Shopping 😀

Yes, we do accept all payment methods.

Following are the payment options available for your convenience:

  • Cash On Delivery (COD)
  • Cards (Visa Debit/Credit, Master Debit/Credit)
  • Bank Account Transfer